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Step by Step Process of Applying for Workers Compensation Pre-Settlement Funding

How Does Workers Compensation Pre-Settlement Funding Work?

Learn the 5 simple steps to borrowing money against workers comp settlement

Do you need a workers’ compensation pre-settlement loan but want to know more about how the legal funding process works?

Workers Compensation Settlement Loans is the America's #1 source for loans before settlement on workers comp. Learn how pre-settlement funding workers compensation claims works from start to finish.

Whatever you’re looking to take out pre-settlement funding for workers compensation claims to pay your living expenses or take care of an unexpected financial emergency, there are a variety of flexible workers comp advance loan options to choose from. Find out how they work and how you can apply.


Apply: The first step in the legal funding process is submitting your application for a workers' compensation advance loan. You can put in an application over the telephone or online at this website. Call and speak with a pre-settlement funding expert, or take 1 minute to fill out the short online application so we can get working on your funding request.


Law Firm Contact: The second step in borrowing money against your workers compensation settlement is the legal funding underwriter contacting your law firm to obtain some additional information about your pending workers compensation case. The sooner we receive the necessary information from your workers comp attorney is the faster we can underwrite the case and have you approved for the accident loan.


Underwriting Review: The third step to obtaining a loan on workers comp settlement is where we excel the most. Right after the underwriter receives the requested information from your lawyer, the case is reviewed to determine the amount of the workers' comp loan advance. Workers Compensation Settlement Loans has some of the most experienced underwriting team in the legal financing industry. That means you can expect faster approval and bigger advance settlement funding so you can take care of your pressing financial needs.


Update: You are one step away for having the pre-settlement cash advance. The fourth step entails the funding specialist calling you to let you know how much money you have been approved and the terms of the workers comp loan advance. If you are in agreement, the paperwork is emailed to you and your attorney to sign and return.


Cash in Hands: You're all set. Once the funding department is in receipt of the signed agreement from you and your workers compensation lawyer, the legal cash advance is sent directly to you same day! You will have the option of getting the money by bank wire transfer, Western Union, or a check by overnight mail delivery.


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If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding how workers compensation pre-settlement funding works, give us a call or send an email.

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